Are house keys effective self-defence weapons?

Cut me as if you want to severe my fingers, as hard as you want to At some point in your life you have very likely been told that if you ever find yourself in a situation where you have to defend yourself using your house key is a good thing to do today I’m going to be looking at a technique taught by a youtube famous self-defence instructor and seeing whether or not it actually works You dirty b*stard there want to kidnap her she have a key and then press into it and cut it and then he will let go so I’m going to be offering random people on the street $50 if they can get it to work without further adieu, let’s do it hello gentlemen how are you going? morning I have a proposition for you, I have a youtube channel and I take questionable self-defence techniques and test them against resistance I’m going to offer you guys $50 essentially all you have to do is take either my house key or your house key run it across my hand as hard as you can, if I let go you get $50, if I don’t you’re back where you started yeah nah I’m alright You’re good? This is pretty much it then I gotta go to work Alright I‘m good thanks no worries all good, have a good day guys while I walked through my home town trying to find someone who was willing to physically assault me I asked myself life’s more difficult questions like have those signs on the back of bathroom doors that tell you how to poop been put there because people have actually tried to poop while squatting? I was sure that I was going to find out.

If you cut my hand and I let go you get $50 the only rule is it can’t be a slow and steady cut because it’s gonna have to be quick and fast press as deep and as hard as you want to, as though you want to sever my fingers if need be do we know if there’s any serious arteries there? Oh I have no idea, if I die I die pick a key, feel free to examine it to make sure I haven’t rigged it no warning at any point in time scratch my hand as hard as you can yeah right that’ll probably bleed in a sec it’s hard to find someone who’s willing to make me bleed cut me as if you want to sever my fingers, as hard as you want to so does it make you wanna let go? not at all, if anything it’s like *angry noise* like I’d probably just pick you up and slam you if you did that well my hands are absolutely killing me but at least now we know whether or not this technique is viable for a realistic self-defence situation the answer is a clear and definite no in regards to what I recommend instead the best defence to getting grabbed from behind is simply situational awareness now not everybody is going to be aware 100% of the time that is an unrealistic expectation but in a specific circumstance where you do feel uneasy walking from your work to the car at night yes, make an extra effort to be aware.

Anywhere where you feel unsafe, make an extra effort to be more aware than you usually are Rich Dimitri has a great method of improving your situational awareness, you can find it in the video on this card here In regards to how to properly use keys as a weapon my advice is to hold them like this in a fist that way you can grab or index here and just cycle through these hammerfists Now Master Wong, if you are somehow miraculously watching this video if the people who watch me have sent this video to you then I ask you to do one thing, please pressure test the things you teach before you teach them don’t just think that something might work and then teach it as a viable solution put your body on the line like I did today and find out whether or not it actually works and if you’re not willing to do that before you teach something, don’t teach it. put your body on the line like I did today and find out whether or not it actually works and if you’re not willing to do that before you teach something, don’t teach it.

So that’s it if you want to see more of my content make sure not only to subscribe but hit the little bell icon otherwise you may not get notified when I upload any new videos and of course a big shoutout to the people on Patreon who do support me It is the main reason I am able to do things like this and actually put my body on the line it is the main reason that you are seeing a video every week because of these people that you are seeing on your screen right now. so, you have them to thank alright I will see you next week and have a good one I feel like I should have something cool to say at the end of every video, like a catch phrase I’ll see you next week and don’t forget to punch on don’t forget to kick guys in the throat don’t forget to get a cat, yeah, I think that’ll do adopt don’t shop


Master Wong has recently uploaded a women’s self-defence tutorial showing how to use a house key to get free from an attacker’s grip. I put it to the test to find out whether or not it has a good chance of success.

You’re watching reality check self-defence, the following is a little bit about this channel, but more importantly, it will help me get more views because of keywords and stuff. I have spent a large portion of my life training in martial arts that claimed to prepare me for real-life violence, that claimed to be able to teach me how to properly defend myself, they were wrong. It wasn’t until I encountered real-world violence that I realised the vast majority of what is marketed as “self-defence” is nothing more than a scam, or the teachings of someone who has no idea what they are talking about, but believes they do because they have spent the last 15 years perfecting their katas. So, my goal is to test the teachings of instructors that use the internet as their platform by using their techniques against live, resisting opponents.