How to make a fire out of wet wood. Making fire in the rain. Bonfire of rotten wood

At the moment we have partially rotten, wet and frozen wood, and we need to ignite a fire. In order for the fire to ignite immediately and without mistakes, the fire must be folded in a certain way. The first thing we need is a slight slope or a large hill to have a small height difference. The difference in height gives us an influx of air when heated. It is difficult to create a strong air flow on a flat surface. “Scandinavian candle” and burns on the principle of draught between logs. And in this fire we must apply the same principle. We make an artificial fence so that the air, when heated, collides with it and rises upwards with more power. On each side we make a channel for the air supply The increased flow of heated air quickly removes moisture from the wet branches, and the stronger heating quickly heats sticks and quickly squeezes out moisture when expanding.

The sticks we found are divided into three piles – thin and dry, damp, wet and rotten. We begin to ignite a fire. We make a lining on the slope to level the plane for installation. Fold in a cage of small sticks in the form of a well, place the birch bark inside the well. Many thin sticks are inserted vertically into the cell on the bark of the birch – they are the first to dry out and begin to burn. After folding the inner fire, we cover it with moist and thicker sticks from the outside.

We have a three-layer fire – an inner tepee, a cage around it and an outer tepee. Now we have to put the thickest and dampest branches on the crossbar. When the fire burns, it warms you, prepares your food, and at the same time drains the shutters above you We have set fire to the fire. The bark of the birch bark begins to ignite a cage of thin branches. Thin branches dry quickly and ignite thicker branches, which are like tepees A lot of hissing, it’s steam coming out of the branches. When you light a fire, you can put thin sticks inside the fire. The wood is damp and damp and the fire is difficult to light, so the fire needs help. External fire on the side, all right. The internal fire dried up the thicker branches and they caught fire. Look, the cage of the inner fire stands and burns until now, giving fire and warmth. He is still drying the outer fire, supporting it with fire.

Now a strong air flow begins to work. The fire ignites everywhere and begins to dry the wet branches from above. You can already cook, heat and dry wood at the same time with this fire. When they are dry, the lining underneath them will burn out and they will fall into the coals and remain on fire. .

How to make fire out of wet firewood, because wet wood does not burn by definition, and if the wood is wet and frozen – it is already survival. Making fire in the rain lies in a certain design of the bonfire. Such a bonfire can be ignited even from raw and rotten wood. This is a specific construction that combines the advantages of several bonfires. The peculiarities of different bonfires in their entirety make what is by definition badly lit ignite.

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