How to Set Up a Shelter Tarp

Today I’m going to show you how to set up a shelter tarp the easiest way. Let’s check this out ! Tie this up on one side, and tie this up on the other side of the tree. Something like that. Just like this Once you set up your rope between two trees, what you want to do is make a loop like this, and put it through the stud. And then all you have to do is (put the stick through) Just like that. You see? The tarp does not fall off. But what’s awesome if you want to readjust, you see, it slides. So you don’t have to worry about making a knot and making sure the tarp is tight. This is the easiest way. Same thing I’m going to do over here make a loop, put it through the tarp, and stick a stick through it. Now all you have to do is grab a tarp, and pull the tarp and stick will spin, you see? And that way it will stretch out.

Boom! You see, the tarp has stretched out. You see how it’s loose right now? And if I pull it on this side, You see, boom, the tarp is tight. Nice, now we can work on the bottom. In the back, you’re gonna put a stick through this hole, and just stretch it out, all the way back, the tarp. And just, stick it into the dirt. Just like that. Just like that on that side, and then we set up the tarp.

Now we can sleep over here and not be under the rain. Here you go, this is the easiest manner to set up the tarp with stick and power cord. So, the shelter will be provided in minute and you will stay out of the rain.