How to Use a Tactical Pen for Self Defense

Today we’re going to cover how to use a tactical pen for self defense usinga every-day pen as an improvised weapon.

Now what I have here is a Zebra F402 pen that I got from WalMart. It comes in a 2-pack, and costs like $2.96. This is something I’ve carried for many years since I was in highschool to have as a potential improvised weapon. This here is an actual tactical pen. It’s made by Columbia River Knife and Tool (CRKT), it’s solid steel construction, and I have to unscrew the cap and then screw it back on. Of course this is called a tactical pen. I, of course, love these and would suggest you get one of these. They run about $30, however, these can work quite nicely as well. Since we’ve been touching on a lot of different striking videos, like hammer fist and forearm strikes and things like that; if you haven’t seen those, please do, because those will help you digest this information as well.

I’m just going to start with a regular every day pen. This is solid steel construction which is why I suggest the Zebra pen. You want it to be sturdy, not to say that some pen you’re already using — a rollerball or whatever — won’t work but you may only get one chance to actually make something happen. If you hit a hard target like the sternum or the jaw it may snap that pen. I’m going to have Jesse come over here.

Tactical Pen Self Defense Technique


It’s not real rocket science or anything like that. Basically, if I have a pen, however you want to hold it; let it come out just a little bit; it can be out or not; it’s solid steel so it doesn’t really matter. You will use it like you can use those hammer fist that we’ve covered before.

I can go this way, I can go this way, I can go straight down.

Also since my hand is closed if I did choose to punch, although I still suggest palm strikes, but if this hand is being used for the pen, this one is being used for other things whether it’s hammer fists, forearms, or whatever.


Best Places To Strike With A Tactical Pen


A good striking target when using a tactical pen is the sternum. If you land any strikes in this general area then your attacker is definitely feeling it and may end the fight there and then.

It doesn’t feel good. Think about the pounds per square inch on this if I were to jack him in the sternum.

The face is another great place to hit with a tactical pen

The same rules apply to the face; there’s no particular target on the face, just try to gash the face.

This will rip open the flesh of the face on contact.

So when you make contact, go straight through the teeth, to the nose, into the eye, whatever.

Obviously if you’re going to escalate it to that point of going to the eyes or the throat or something like that, then you fear for your life.

If you’re just wanting to get somebody’s attention to leave you alone, you can strike really quickly to the sternum. Let’s say he grabs my throat. It could be one of those things where I stick him in the arm.

Now if you’re throat is being grabbed; let’s say I’m a smaller female; his hand is going to be big around my neck and it may be one of those things where I have to deal with that arm. But the second I deal with this I need to do something else as well.

I can’t just stick his arm and have him let go.cessarily going to do the job.

Here, and then go straight for his face and keep going. Then, basically this until you get the desired result. The little psycho action…it works.

If I keep doing this; let’s say he throws his hands up in defense; I’ll just keep doing that until he either falls down or you want to create space.

That sounds aweful, that sounds horrible, but it’s true. It doesn’t matter if I’m empty handed. If I’m here and I keep smashing him into the fact like this…no it doesn’t look pretty, and it sure as hell isn’t martial arts.

It’s just smash until you get the desired result, which is him leaving me the hell alone.

The same thing applies to a true tactical pen.all the way through; of course this moves for the pen to work; I don’t want to try to hit with this back edge. Plus, my hand kind of swallows a normal, every day pen. This is long enough to come out both sides. Also there are ridges on the top, and it is obviously tapered. I can strike both ways; this way, this way, up underneath, into the ribs. However my fist can move: up, down, inside, outside…I can strike with this.

Another good strike with either one is just the reinforced grip. Just place your thumb, and this is nice for almost like a stabbing motion. It will reinforce the pen really nicely in your hand, and you can stab really nicely. Going straight up underneath the jaw is a very nice target. Going in and ripping out, or turning the — I almost said blade because it’s very similar — turning the pen works as well.

Benefits Of Using A Tactical Pen For Self Defense


There are many benefits of tactical pens.

  • A devastating self defense tool.
  • Concealable
  • Pens don’t get taken by TSA
  • Pens are available everywhere.
  • Any soft tissue strike on the human body can quickly turn the tide in an encounter.

So all those benefits The body is full of soft tissue…start poking all over the place. I suggest the face if you fear for your life. Nothing says, “Get off me!” like being stabbed in the face with a pen. This one I will always prefer. Those ridges being there; it doesn’t matter how you do it, this will just completely tear the face. Just a good old solid thunk on the middle of the forehead is a good wake up call…that or it’ll put them to sleep; one or the other.

That’s the basic idea of the tactical pen. .

As people who are conscious of our personal protection we’re always looking for new things to help us in that endeavor. Some people carry a blade, others obtain a concealed carry license.

One thing that’s come into the market lately are “tactical pens” and their use as self defense tools. What’s great about these reinforced pens is that they don’t attract a lot of attention the way a knife or a firearm does…but are they even useful?


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