Japanese CAN Ration TASTE TEST | Type-1 JSDF Japanese Self-Defense Forces MRE

*March of the Spoons* music Greetings my lovelies. Hi it’s Emmy. Welcome back. Today I’m going to be tasting another military ration and this time its going to be– this one. And this is a Type 1 Japanese Special Defense Forces military ration and what makes this a little bit different than any other ration that I’ve ever had. is that everything is in…a can. So this ration was sent to me by my friend GunDog *thank you GunDog ^-^* GunDog, thank you soo much for sending this me. He’s been so generous and sent me so many international rations, so this is a real treat because apparently these are pretty rare.

Be sure to show GunDog some love. I’ll put his link In the description down below. So there’s not a lot of information about these Japanese– rations..at least in English but what I did discover is that these are called “MiriMishy” and that means like a Military Meal There’s Type One and Type Two, Type Two I have tasted previously if you missed that one I will link above, I’ll also include the playlist to all my my other military ration tastings and that ration is more similar to an MRE and everything was packaged in plastic these ones on the other hand, are more similar to the old school MRE’s or C-Rations.That were packaged in cans So these are called..”Kameshi” “Meshi” means meal, “Ka” means Can So there are four cans to this ration,This large one– This smaller one and two kind of tuna fish sized ones, like right here I tried using my translate app, Which wasn’t very useful in this case and trying to translate this was not very easy, because– This tin is very dark..

But if you take a picture and you can highlight it and see if it recognizes it that way but it still didn’t work, no Japanese text found So I had to look this one up and this is “Gomokomeshi” and this is a seasoned rice “Go” meaning Five. so I think there are five ingredients in here that make this rice seasoned kind of like a pilaf this one I can actually read in Katakana. and these are Weiner Sausages. what’s really cool about this one is it has a little can opener here- that you can take off. It translated it earlier..

Yeah Anyways– Thats not working. *laughs* But what it says here– and has a little notch here– it says you put a ten yen piece to snap this off so I happen to have a ten yen coin put it under here. Take off– the can opener. I can read this one– it’s in haerugana– this is Takoanzuke And these are gonna be little pickles and these are made out of Dikon Radish, really long~ radish that’s white.

Little dishes of Pickles accompany a lot of dishes in Japanese cuisine “Piranikku Ajisukke” So this is some sort of beef I think Stew? We’ll find out. So four cans– pretty simple rations. Place this in boiling water Allow them to sit for twenty-five minutes. So I put them all in there except the pickles because the pickles will just be eaten at room temperature All these cans are very hot so i’m gonna set them aside. Let’s test out the can opener. I’m going to open the pickles first. Then move it. boy, that is some work okay now I’ve got it Alright so here are the pickles It also has a little bit of seaweed Im thinking that’s Konbu so let’s open the wieners next. I’m going to take the liberty to use a regular can opener ugh. Alright. I just got this can opener and it sucks. Lets see what these are. Oh! Yes, the look very similar to Vienna sausages Take a few of these out. Oh they’re a little different! Little dark on the exterior And they look like they have a bit of casing on them Vienna sausages don’t have a casing *Happy Piano Tunes play* Ugh this can opener sucks Ugh I’m getting beef stuff everywhere.

Okay Yes, indeed. There is a little beef stew. And here’s our rice. Oh! Isn’t that lovely? And it is hot Lovely That is a lot of rice *Happy piano music plays* Alright, I can’t wait to tuck into this and I have to say. Placing all the little items into dishes makes this So beautiful and I know out in the field this wouldn’t be a possibility but I wanna give you an idea of what it’s like when you Do have a japanese meal. You have little items and little dishes all presented together along with your- -rice I’m gonna taste this using the spoon because my last japanese ration included a spoon.

Okay, I’m gonna get a bit of everything. Itaetakimas mm hmm! And it’s delicious. Especially considering it just came out of a- -can. And it doesn’t taste canned at all. It has that Delectable, sticky texture of Japanese rice. And it’s seasoned, but lightly. A little bit of sweetness A little bit of dashu stock in there nice chewy mushrooms in there a little bit of dehydrated carrot which I don’t really taste Let’s try a little bit of this, which I believe is fried tofu mm hm. and it is which gives it a nice kind of fried richness this is very similar to the rice I had in my Kamumeshi bowl if you missed that video, I’ll put the link up there and down below as well. And its a stewed kind of rice dish or pilaff that has all kinds of- wonderful vegetables and additions to it.

Pretty similar to that. Let’s try a little bit with our stew Looks very tender and it’s sliced. mm hm! mm hm and thats pretty good. Very well cooked piece of meat relatively tender, sliced thinly to assist in the tenderness of it it definitely has a good amount of sweetness to it, some soy some dashi Which is a bamido broth or stock The meat though it quite coarse in texture although it’s Sliced thinly so it breaks up pretty readily in your mouth, but it does have a bit of coarseness to it.

And even with all the sauce it’s a little bit dry. Kind of like beef jerky-ish but not quite. I’m gonna have some of this sauce in my rice. have like that mmmm now that is delicious. Now let’s try a bite of this with the digon mm hmm. So the pickled dikon adds a lot to this dish, texturally it’s crunchy kind of like a Kind of like a wet crunch of a pickle, a dill pickle spear like that a little bit more compact. In terms of flavor- It has a very pungent flavor of Dikon which is a little bit odoriferous *giggles* but it has a nice kind of sweet flavor, kind of similar to sauerkraut but not as sour. There is definitely some sugar in there that adds a little bit of a tang and some ginger as well but excellent really great contrast to the sweetness of the meat and the softness of the rice. You get that big crunch Let’s try a wiener next mm… that’s not bad. It is very very salty. the interior is quite similar to Vienna sausage has a little bit more hotdog-gy flavor to it but that same kind of very homogeneous, soft Meat texture.

What I do like about these though is that there is an actual casing around this so there is a snap so when you bite into it mm hmm it has that great little crisp, snappy skin on the outside, delicious all in all this is a terrific tasting ration. There is a lot of variety here. It is relatively compact the disadvantage of course that it is packed in metal containers so it’s quite heavy and there’s a lot of moisture in here is well which adds to the weight I do like the simplicity of it too and the very nature as I mentioned but there aren’t any snacks and you also have to have a good amount of time to prepare this meal. twenty-five minutes to prepare a can of rice is a long time and if you eat rice well you probably know that cold rice is to me impalpable. It has a very hard crunchy texture and just not very good. As opposed to a regular MRE there is no heating required you can just tear open the the package and eat it cold no problem so so there is the disadvantage of rice.Although I appreciate the streamline of compactness of this ration, I do feel like it is missing some kind of snack either crackers or some sort of energy bar or something like that that you can eat while you are on the go Thank you guys so much for joining me and big thanks once again to Gundog for sending me this ration and yeah I hope you guys enjoyed that one.

I hope you guy learned something. Be sure to share this video with your friends. Follow me on social media so you can get kind of a sneak peak of what videos are to come and yeah! subscribe if you’re not subscribed already! and I’ll see you in my next video! Toodle-oo! Take care! Bye!! ~Happy violin music plays then piano~ .

I’m tasting a Japanese ration last made in 2009, called Type-1 rations they come packaged in cans and required a long boiling time. Thanks Gundog, for sending me this ration and for making this video possible. 🙂 See how it goes in this Emmymade military ration taste test. New videos every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday!

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