Mushroom Foraging and Cooking Guide


Free food from the woods and best ways to cook You need to know the poisonous imposters as well!

Location: MD & VA
Time: &

Lion’s Mane recipe: 3:35
Resinous Polypore recipe: 7:05
Honey mushroom recipe: 10:10
Shrimp of the woods recipe: 13:19
Blewit mushroom recipe: 20:06
Hen of the woods recipe: 28:38

Other mushrooms:
Dryad’s saddle: 12:02
Oyster mushroom: 15:51
Birck Cap mushroom: 22:03
Velvet foot mushroom: 22:50

Video Playlists:

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I am a wild mushroom lover and this channel is about me and my wife identifying, collecting, cooking and sometimes preserving wild I’ve tasted nearly fifty different species of wild mushrooms in Northeast America so far, and I would like to extend my list and to share with you my adventures of nature If you like my videos, please SUBSCRIBE and share with friends to make the channel grow!


Be cautious & always refer to multiple reliable sources before consuming any wild edibles!