Safety Match Survival Hack

Guys for this video. I want to show you a cool trick You could do with Safety Matches now safety Matches are different than strike-anywhere matches because you cannot strike these anywhere they have to be struck on the red strip on the side of the box In order for them to light off whereas with strike-anywhere matches you can basically strike them on any rough surface And they’ll ignite So what happens if you have lots of matches left over but your red striker strip powder is gone from Previous experiments Or maybe it gets wet saturated or ripped off to the box. It’s not gonna work at all. It’s just all gummy. There is still a way You can light these matches And I’m gonna to show you how to do it right now.

Now even though these are not strike-anywhere Matches if you find a surface That’s rough and long enough you might be able to build up enough friction to get them to light off like this That’s about as easy as it gets now the key to making this work is putting your finger right under the head of the match then pressing it to the surface and Dragging it in a nice long stroke if you do short strokes, there’s not going to be enough friction for this to light off But if you can drag it 8 to 10 inches you can see the light off no problem this works because the friction the match head and the wood is enough to ignite the potassium chlorate just make sure you get your Finger out of the way of the flame before it burns you the reason this works is because this wood is very dry It’s very rough And there’s a long enough striking surface for the friction to build up where it can ignite Now that may not always be the case if your wood was damp or if you had a surface that was too smooth it wouldn’t Work the same, so you see this stick is moist I actually dropped in the river and Matches will not light on it But if we take a stick and rub it back and forth as if we were trying to start a fire by rubbing sticks together The Friction will actually drive out the moisture and this has become a very good striking surface I don’t actually want to start a fire by rubbing sticks, but it is a very similar concept By rubbing the two sticks together we’ve actually generated quite a bit of heat Which is charred wood that means it’s driven the moisture off and this is very warm right now.

Now. That should be dry enough We take a match boom and it lights I got it lit off in less than an inch big difference, okay? So it’s been about five since we rub the sticks together This is already cooled down quite a bit, but surprisingly it still works really really well The side of a Matchbox is red phosphorus, and when you strike potassium chlorate it generates a chemical reaction what we’re doing Here is we’re actually building enough to auto-ignite the testing cord itself so you can see even if you find a moist piece of wood you can very easily drive off the moisture and Strike your Matches how cool is that? This almost works as well as the red striker strip paper does by itself So there you have a using a few random sticks You can find on a nature hike you can now turn safety matches in to strike anywhere Thanks so much for joining me for this video, and I’ll be looking for you in the next video.

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If your matchbox gets ruined, you can still use the matches inside, with this one simple trick.

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