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Your modern conveniences have been consigned to oblivion only the ruthless shall flourish survival it isn’t only about preparation it’s about versatility bending the world to win the hand has been dealt let the chips fall where they may one of the worst things about the great outdoors is the fact that mosquitoes like to hang out there too the cheap solution grab a couple dryer sheets before you head out rub them all over areas that pesky insects might target not only do they mask your human scent which can attract them but they also contain chemical compounds that repel them if you’re ever in a survival situation you need to catch you dinner a simple soda tab and some dental floss or strong string can help prepare you for some ultra survival fishing using scissors or a pair of snips you need to remove about 1/3 of the metal a good place to start is the center of the top followed by the center of the side cut this portion at a 30-degree angle as it needs to be pointy Bend out the extra bits and snip off this will leave you with a nice J shaped tab to serve as a hook now pull yourself a good length of floss or string and proceed to tie a couple tiny knots around the top of your makeshift hook be sure to give it some hefty tugs to confirm that everything is snug and secure live bait is obviously going to be your best bet for landing a big catch dig around for a night crawler bugs can work as well if you’re really in a pinch now just add your bait to the hook and toss it into a nearby water source as long as your bait is visible you might just catch dinner or not well at least my pet axolotl score dinner don’t worry night crawlers are their favourite food now I don’t want to get you too excited but it is possible the next few tips deal with fire so you want a fire extinguisher some eye protection and for some gloves no stay safe if you’re a minor make sure you have an adult nearby to check up on you all right now how about a survival stove we based ours around a medium sized coffee can though anything metal of this size and shape will work in a pinch the first step is to remove the bottom lid as we need both sides to be open if you want to make things easier on yourself remove the metal rim as well now do your best to cut equal slices around the can we use the first notch as a good measurement it’s about an inch and a half or close to four centimetres after tossing on gloves every other tab on the can was bent inwards toward the centre this allows you to raise the can off the ground and hold fuel that we’ll be using to get the stove going once you have it on level ground place a toilet paper roll directly into the centre it should fit nicely we decided to use rubbing alcohol as our fuel source since it burns clean and when absorbed by toilet paper it can last a very long time simply saturate the TP and let it soak for a minute carefully light the top in a way we go since we have an air intake on the bottom and through the center we’ll be able to place a pan directly on the top the flame should propel out of the bottom and reach the edge of the pan it’ll get hot pretty quick so you can dive right into cooking just as a test we fired up an egg with great results just keep an eye on anything you’re cooking so you don’t overdo it when done go ahead and put out the flame and let your stove cool off for next time if your situation calls for emergency lighting but there’s nary a candle in sight then it’s time to pull a kindergarden MacGyver trick rummage around for some crayons place one on a sturdy fireproof surface and hold a lighter or match at the tip till it begins to catch fire the crown will work as a sort of reverse candle in that the wick or paper is on the outside and the wax is on the inside these last surprisingly longer than you might expect and if you’re in a bind they can even be used as birthday candles so go ahead and file that one for later matches and water do not go well together if you’re trying to get a fire going you might find a simple solution with an empty bottle of Tic Tacs pop off the lid and fill it with your matches if you have strike-anywhere matches great you can skip this next part if you don’t simply cut off a bit of the striking panel from the matchbook just place it inside with the matches often in your pocket and you’re ready to go if you find yourself lost in the wilderness you need a compass try to find a small middle sliver like a pin rub it one direction about 50 times this will charge it fill a small container with water and place a leaf inside now place the sliver on the leaf and wait a static charge you give it will help Point North and you can find your way home picture this if you will it’s late it’s dark you sneak out of camp to build a log cabin if you catch my drift you find that the rain from earlier ruin your shot at salvation now let’s learn how to prevent this situation shall we locate a small container that’s no longer being used and can protect whatever’s inside from the harsh mistress known as water a peanut can should be perfect get a knife and cut a slit from the top to bottom or bottom to top whichever position you prefer now add a small cut inward at each end and bend out the material so you get a small flap grab your toilet paper roll and shove it in push a sheet or two out of the flap and you now have a mostly waterproof TP dispenser which has the added benefit of hiding your true intentions from your camp mates whether you’re an astute survivalist or just someone who enjoys the outdoors arming yourself with survival knowledge only helps be sure to share this with your friends and family and hit that subscribe button for more videos just like this see you next time

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