Survival Shelter on a Hiking Pole made with SOL Survival Blanket

Hello hiker J here this week I’m going to show you how to make a survival shelter that you carry right on your hiking stick It’s fall here in Michigan starting to get cold cold nights And you never know when weather comes in it’s good to have a plan to have some type of a shelter on you Whether it be just a blanket that you can wrap around you or shelter that you can make to really protect yourself from hard rain And those types of things so I got to thinking people put stuff on walking sticks all the time And I thought why not make a walking stick that can convert to an actual shelter And that’s what I’ve done with this so first. I’m going to show you how I made it and Then I’m going to show you how you take it apart and turn it into a shelter So first what you’re gonna need is a walking stick a survival blanket some rope Duct tape and you’re probably gonna also need scissors and a lighter just to finish off the rope once it’s done To begin with what I did was I took strips of duct tape and I put it about six inches down from the grip This basically will hold the blanket in place between the grip and the duct tape now wrapped it up soda that has some Heights to it Next I grab my survival blanket this just happens to be a survive outside longer blanket what I like about this one is it’s orange on one side and That’s nice for if you build a shelter out of it The orange is showing up towards the sky And it’s easier to find you if you are in a serious situation where you need to be rescued Now what I did was I just started.

I kept it at its width, and I just started wrapping It around The pole every once while tightening it up making it right nice and tight just keep wrapping it and to get it all the way to wrapped around So next what I did was I wrap the rope around the Survival blanket, I tied a little loop at the bottom So I could cinch it up real tight and started wrapping this takes a little bit of practice and I thought about doing a kind of a nice weave around it and Like a survival bracelet But I thought why not just wrap it and see how it turns out well it were turned out really great I wrapped it all the way around I’ve thrown it around the Jeep for a couple weeks.

I’ve taken some hikes I’ve used it, and it has not come apart So I’m pretty happy with how that has turned out at The end here what you’re going to do is you’re just going to tuck it in Through and wrap underneath a couple pieces. I then took it and shove the extra piece in there so that it just wasn’t hanging out Now it’s time to put this to the test and find a place to put the shelter up So I found this spot here in the pines and I think I really like this location it gives me a lot of areas to actually tie off onto trees for my For my roof line, which would be really great And it gives me a little bit of open space off to the side there where I could build a fire And still have the smoke go through so I think If we’re gonna build right here First up, I’m just gonna shorten it and I have to find my beginning spot there we go and I Forty doubt And their next blank it off Okay, they said I would sure make sure we have enough space Yeah perfect First thing I’m gonna do is set my Ridgeline.

I’m gonna start from up here. It’s gonna actually from here It’s gonna wrap around the actual hiking pole and then go downward, and then I can raise it up and down however. I want it Now it’s time to set up our blanket You put duct tape on every corner of the blanket just to reinforce it Okay, so now I’ve taped the corners. I’m gonna punch some holes in them So next I’m gonna find sticks like this that I can drive into the ground to stake it all out So this is a shelter setup took under ten minutes to actually set up And it is very low and it may seem small But it’s that way on purpose reason being I’m gonna take leaves pine boughs Maybe in my backpack to lay on to insulate myself from the ground But then I want to be close to these walls Because they’re gonna radiate my own heat back to me in a survival situation I don’t know if I’m gonna be in a t-shirt sweatshirt Whatever it may be so I want this to be nice and close to my body just how it is nice and low And an added thing that I’d probably do is I’d probably put a log wall right here, and then build my fire right here So that the heat of the fire would radiate bounce off the wall and actually come in to here and hold inside this The shelter as well again It’s orange and I have an open space right there And that’s so that if I was in a real survival situation.

I could be spotted from above You know as an added bonus this thing can dare to tear down like super quick and just go along with you You can take and Put it in your bag or to get up, and it’s still cold and you want to hike out of there You got this bad boy Has a nice blanket To hike out Well I hope you like this little little shelter like I said It’s adds four ounces to your pole and it can just stay there forever until you actually need it if you liked this video please hit like and subscribe if you would and if you want to see more videos like this hit that little bell so that you get notifications just Remember life’s a hike so hike happy take care I’m gonna crawl in this sucker

DIY Hiking Pole Survival shelter using a survival blanket rope and duct Only weighs great survival shelter to add to your backpacking Consider Supporting Me: to SOL Survival Blanket: