Walking cane self defense: 12 Cane Strikes: Cane and wheelchair

This week we’re looking at the 12 cane strikes from the cane masters international system and we’ll be showing the various ways we can do it with your able body need two sticks or our wheelchair user and give you the idea of principles of how you can adapt to suit each individual learner so we will see you after this the thing we’ll be looking at is the 12-point strike from grandmaster mark so first national system for an able-bodied person doing 12-point strike showing body position feet work and how they incorporate and then we’ll be looking at how we can adapt it to suit each individual learner so what I’m looking at now is 12 point strike so literally from low to high I’m going to go right to left so what I’m doing I’m using my leg my hip my shoulder my arm to come across I’ve always got my guard hand in position I’m then going to reverse that so that I think I left to right again using my legs my hips my shoulder then my arm reverse again from middle across again my whole body’s getting involved left to right as well always a guard here so each time it’s not just my arm it’s my leg my hips shoulder up finding my wrist and this is one generating the power I’m then going to come across from the collarbone towards the hip and then I’m gonna reverse that from hip to collarbone opposite collarbone and again using my whole body to hit I’m then gonna go for the groin roll it down and go for the head in each case all of my body is moving my guard hand is in position against the pad drill same again I’m gonna go from right to left which is going to be low so I’m going across and again I’m come across the other way the middle same again whole body cane coming through coming through okay head across across and I’m going to the collarbone just come down they go through the hip roll the cane over to the opposite collarbone opposite hip and then going to go groin then go for the head something people don’t talk about there’s three ways to hit the pad you can either hit them retract quickly hit you stay or you could hit and go all the way through okay all we’re gonna do now is just a quick power drill so it’s going to go from the left side to the right side using as much power as I can muster with my cane and through the pad so if you’re from here so again wherever I am from the guard position I might be in a ready position whatever position I adopt so the cane comes through to the other side so I’m using my whole body each time to generate power come through important things to know is always have your spare hand as guard hand quite often you see people the arm will drop will be in the wrong position I use it I’m utilizing all of my body for the strike so I’m using my legs my hips my shoulders as well as my arm and final wrist motion to get powers and strikes remember if you need somebody’s holding a pad for you best not to do a full power straightaway need a bit of confidence in your partners when you’re doing this but it’s a drill we’ve worked out and we’ve got the sequence so it works well for us but however you choose to do it always be considerate of your partner now I’m going to look at the same drill but for myself I use two canes to walk so at all times one cane must be on the floor to give me what I put the tripod as you can see the difference between the way that I do the cane strikes and how Chris has done it my body position is static and I’m using my arms and my core to actually produce the power each individual will be different depending on their range of movement their stability on their legs so again adapt it to the individual and what they can do rather than trying to get the individual to do what is shown for the able bodied looking at the same drill but from person using a wheelchair baring in mind deeply as a wheelchair not necessarily don’t have the use of their legs it just may be something that they need to do I know during the winter Kev needs a wheelchair due to the weather what we’re going to be looking at is the restrictions and how to adapt I always recommend that you actually get in a chair yourself to actually experience it so you can understand the problems that could come through with this drill it differs from the two canes drill that I do my range of motion and the restrictions of the chair will alter my hand position my body position and the areas which are striking so lets look at the twelve strike drill now in a chair okay guys this is the wheelchair cane drill we come in guard position we’re going for the ankle we can come over the head for the ankle as you can see my shots are actually in the pad mid thigh gallbladder 32 because I cannot come any further down with my knees middle shots again elbow ribcage and with the head shot instead of lifting my arm all the way up to do a parallel like the able bodied I’m just angling the tip up and around for the collarbone it’s just a roll over down I can cross the body and come up to the thigh I can roll again to the other collarbone but this is where the problem arises as i bring the cane back I just let it roll in my hand I’ve now got the the crook out it’s just the flick in from there which then brings me to the groin flick and then just roll over for the head strike and the reason I reverse the cane is that this angle here is very hard across the body and you’re restricted there’s no power with this you’re just basically crossing your arms and the power comes from there as you can see we’ve taken the 12 strike drill and we’ve adapted it for able-bodied two canes and a wheelchair user bearing in mind that each person will be an individual whether they have a disability or not you need to adapt to suit each individual person and discover the principle behind the technique so they can adapt it to suit their way of utilizing a cane guys thanks for watching thanks for getting involved leave your comments down below subscribe like us tell your friends if there’s anything you’ve seen today that you disagree with or agree with just put them in the comments let’s make this community grow lets get stronger together and let’s take this message out into the community and let’s enhance people’s lives okay anything you want to see drop us a line let us know show us your videos see what let us know what you’ve got up to and then we can put it up and get more people involved in your area as well so thanks for watching guys and we’ll see you next week

This is the 12 strikes from Grand Master Mark Shuey’s CaneMasters system.
We have adapted this system for people with disability, for people that uses canes to walk or are in a wheelchair.
This video shows the technique from the able-bodied system and use the students ability and range of movement to perform the principles of the strikes.
Chris and Kev have been training together for the last 6 years and have worked together to adapt multiple martial arts disciplines to suit Kevs’ disability.
Both Chris and Kev have a Level 5 certificate in inclusive coaching for people with disabilities. together they have used a mix of different martial arts to provide the best possible training for people with disabilities.
Free the Fear.
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