Wild Mushrooms You Can Eat: Summer Edition


Find out what summer wild mushrooms you can eat & how to identify (点击齿轮选择英文字幕或自动翻译)

Introduced in this video are:

Oyster Pleurotus pulmonarius, chanterelle, Cantharellus cibarius, caesar’s, Amanita Bondarzewia berkeleyi granulatus
Chicken fat Suillus americanus
Chestnut bolete, Gyroporus castaneus
Gilled bolete, Phylloporus rhodoxanthus
Old man of the woods, Strobilomyces strobilaceus
Apple bolete, Exsudoporus frostii
Witches butter, Tremella mesenterica
Club fungi, Clavaria vermicularis
Black trumpet, Craterellus fallax
Smooth chanterelle, Cantharellus lateritius
Cinnabar chanterelle, Cantharellus cinnabarinus
Teeny tiny chanterelle, Cantharellus minor
Quilted green russula, russula crustosa
Weeping milk cap, Lactifluus volumes
Common parasol, Macrolepiota procera
Chicken of the woods, Laetiporus cincinnatus
Black-staining polypore, Meripilus sumstinei
Beefsteak polypore, fistulina hepatica
Laccaria ochropurpurea
Scaly hedgehog mushroom, Sarcodon imbricatus
Ringless honey mushroom, Armillaria tabescens
Turkey tail, Trametes versicolor
Reishi, Ganoderma tsugae & sessile

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Be cautious & always refer to multiple reliable sources before consuming any wild edibles!